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 1967 Shelby G.T. 500 Convertible


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  This page is a 'work in progress' and contains my observations from cataloging and analyzing the microfilm which contains every 1967 model year vehicle ordered by Shelby American. This is the Ford Motor Company Domestic Special Order (DSO) data -- there will be differences between this data and the SAAC Registry data.

There's updated information on this topic in our #ShelbyResearch discussion group -
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General Observations:

  • The first DSO was numbered 2501 (Aug-66)
  • The last DSO was numbered 2614 (Mar-67)
  • Only Mustangs were found on the orders (no Cougars).
  • With the exception of the one Convertible and one Coupe, all cars were Fastbacks.
  • Every DSO was typed on the same form, FD 6243
  • Every DSO is was ‘approved’ by the same person
  • Each DSO was limited to a single package code.
  • Orders were stamped 'received' once per month in CY-1966, twice per month in CY-1967.
  • 3,831 cars were ordered. 3,224 cars were delivered. Cancelled orders are the difference.
  • Car 0176 is not on the DSO microfilm and therefore has not been included in these totals.
  • Shelby stopped ordering cars in March 1967 (just shy of the mid-model-year point).
  • Whenever a G.T. 500 was ordered, the engine was itemized in the detail area of the DSO as as: "Engine, 8 Cyl. Ford Cobra 8V Carb."
  • The 25 Group II race coupes ordered on DSOs 2700, 2701 & 2801,
    are excluded from the following observations, totals and/or charts.

1967 Shelby DSO Orders Chart
*number in parenthesis is total Shelby orders 'received' by FoMoCo each month.

  • The lowest numbered DSO (2501), was for a single G.T. 500 (400F Pkg), painted Nightmist Blue. Despite being the lowest DSO number, and having the lowest Ford sequence number, it was not the first G.T. 500 built by Ford, but rather the fourth. #0185 was completed by San Jose on 12/1/66, released on 12/7/66 and completed by Shelby on 1/4/67.

Package Codes:

  • Package Codes were created and used to streamline the ordering process.
  • Each DSO was limited to a single package code.
  • 48 different package codes were established to handle the 6 different models that Shelby planned for 1967, however, only 18 different package codes were ever ordered.
  • The following chart shows how many of each package code were built (due to the complexity of changed package codes on DSOs, we're not going to total by quantity ordered, just those that were built. The results have been sorted according to rarity.

1967 Shelby G.T. Package Code Rarity Chart

Paint Colors:

  • The last Medium Gray (paint color “G”) car was ordered was on DSO 2527, dated 10/13/1966.
  • A single 411F Springtime Yellow car was ordered on DSO 2577 (Dec.14, 1966). Like many of the DSOs requesting 428+AC cars, this DSO was also cancelled. However, according to the SAAC Registry, VIN 2021, a 201F ordered on DSO 2572 (also on Dec. 14, 1966), was painted Springtime Yellow, and the "S" (Special Paint) is reflected in the Shelby VIN tag. I'd love to see a Marti report on this one to find out whether there was a factory change notice allowing the car to receive its special paint at San Jose, or it it was repainted by Shelby American before shipping off to the selling dealer?
  • A single 410F Vintage Burgundy car (paint code "X") was ordered on DSO 2609. No cancellation order was found, and the SAAC Registry confirms this car was VIN 3211 (again "S" denotes Special Paint in the SAI VIN). The Registry doesn't acknowledge X - Vintage Burgundy as a color in the table of available color codes.
  • With the exception of the two special paint cars, Candyapple Red (paint code “T”) was actually the rarest color ordered up through the end of the 1966 calendar year (4 months of orders). Only 46 red cars were ordered, closely followed by only 52 black cars. That’s less than 2% of the 2320 cars ordered in CY-1966. That all changed once potential buyers started to see the advertisements with a stunning Red G.T. 500 on them!
  • Ordered/delivered quantities are to the right of the color names. This chart does not reflect color changes performed by Shelby American prior to vehicle delivery. Colors are ranked according to rarity of cars ordered and assembled by Ford:



  • No parchment interior (5U) cars were ordered in Bronze, Black, Red or Acapulco Blue.

Cancelled DSOs:

Cancelled DSOs for G.T. 500 cars: 22
     2502 403F      2507 401F      2510 411F      2513 402F
     2514 412F      2518 400F      2519 400F      2520 403F
     2521 410F      2529 401F      2531 403F      2533 411F
     2535 413F      2537 401F      2553 401F      2554 401F
     2559 403F      2564 411F      2565 411F      2570 413F
     2577 411F      2578 413F

(of the 22 cancelled G.T. 500 DSOs, 17 were for G.T. 500 cars with air conditioning)

Cancelled DSOs for G.T. 350 cars: 4
     2579 200F      2582 202F      2583 203F      2584 212F

(all cancelled G.T.350 cars were re-ordered on subsequent DSOs).

Observations by Month:

For observations by month, please visit the discussion group at:


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